2018 will be the 18th consecutive year volunteers from throughout Columbia County have come together to support the Hudson Area Library with the GHOSTLY GALLOP. Last year we established a new, USATF Certified and Sanctioned course, that not only allowed accurate timing, but avoided busy city streets. Safer and faster was the goal.

Runners and walkers alike loved it. Records were set on the new course and we registered almost 300 participants. Most importantly, we set a record of almost $20,000 raised for the library.

Records made each year are the result of hard work and continuing dedication – not only on the part of runners, but by volunteers and sponsors. Since its inaugural year in 2001, volunteers have continuously been the mainstay of each year’s event. Sponsorships for things as diverse as Food and Drink Stations, Mile Markers and Banners give companies additional visibility and identify them as supporters of a good cause.

Started by then Library Director Frank Rees, current County Court Judge Richard Koweek and the Honorable William F. Cranna, (both Library Board members), the race was initially called a FUNdraiser – with less emphasis on peak performance and more on enjoyment. With Cranna’s passing in 2011, the annual race was dedicated to his memory and a new tradition was added to the festivities, The William F. Cranna Memorial Cup. Known for his great wit and love of reading, Cranna was dedicated to making the Library a better place.

“We couldn’t have a better co-founder,” says Past President Mark Orton. “Judge Cranna said he believed that a community can only be as successful as its Library. This race’s expansion to include many more in our community, not only provides more financial support, it mirrors the growth of the new Hudson Area Library. And that should do a lot towards realizing his dream.”

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